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Deutsche Kautschuk Gesellschaft - DKG

website Organisation

Founded in 1926, the mission of DKG is „the promotion and the distribution of scientific knowledge concerning the production and the chemical, physical and technical behavior of rubber and rubber-elastic materials“. DKG is a registered non-profit organisation, having its seat in the Haus der Kautschukindustrie, Zeppelinallee 69, 60487 Frankfurt/Main.

“Looking ahead” defines today`s activities of DKG. Due to a flood of information, the interexchange between experts is gaining importance. Identifying competent contact persons, discussing challenges together and finding realtime solutions is more important than ever. DKG is offering a broad “E2E”-platform: from expert to expert.

  • Four regional groups („Regionalgruppen“) are supporting DKG: North, Rhineland-Westfalia, South- and Southwest-Germany and East.

  • DKG is organising the triannual Deutsche Kautschuk-Tagung DKT (German Rubber Conference).

  • DKG supports workshops for beginners and professionals.
  • DKG sets up several expert-forums.
DKG is promoting research and development.

  • DKG is honoring outstanding personalities in a Rubber Hall of Fame.

  • DKG is part of a global network, including research institutes, universities and federations.
  • DKG: „Tradition meets science meets industry“.